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music made by feelings

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Velkommen til S.J.M musikk side...
Cden som er laget spesielt til minne om de etterlatte under
Jordskjelvkatastrofen i Asia 2004...
Keyboard musikk med følelser...
So many tears...
Warm welcome to S.J.M music site...
The cd is special dedicated for remembering the Asian people
(earthquake 2004)
Keyboard music made by feelings...
So many tears...


S.J.M begun to play piano when he was ten years old. Music has meant a lot to him.When he was grown, he bought himself a keyboard, and he has made some beautiful melodies on it. S.J.M is from a little town called Bronnoysund in Norway. His cd is not produced in any Label records, but self made on his computer, because here in Norway they do not believe on instrumental music so much...and its a shame, because its soothing and beautiful for relaxing and background music....

12 melodier og ca. 45 min. musikk
12 melodies and about 45 min. music


Cden sendes med vedlagt giro.
14 dagers betalingsfrist


Pris: 100,- NO kr inkl. porto

Here you can buy a cd made by S.J.M.
Relaxing music for your soul..
Only $16
Use our paypal form

The music you can listen on this not on the cd
"So many tears". So if you want this melodies...just send a mail...and it
will be in order....

You can listen to a small sound clip of
the melody " The victory of love" if you click below
on the music player.

If you want to download some
of his melodies before you choose
to the
button below. Its free...


Folk bosatt i Norge kan sende sin bestilling
på mail, eller også
bruke vårt paypal system.

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Thank you so much for take your time to look around...
Hope you like his music...because he need to believe in
him self...and his melodies comes from his heart...
A note from you had been apreciated...and tell him what
you like, and do not like with his music...
To listen to more melodies you can click on the
download button...  from Celina



Midnightsun in north of Norway


Coast cruise in Norway



Melodies from the cd...

1. So many tears

2. Footprints

3. He is my love

4. Moonstar

5. Sleep tight

6 Stop hurting

7. Silence Prayers

8. Sundalen

9. Times goes by

10. Getsemane

11. Sleep little child

12. Snowing again


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